Welcome to the website of the Professorship for Translational Psychotherapy!

The professorship for Translational Psychotherapy (Head: Prof. Dr. Andre Pittig) was established at the Institute of Psychology in 2021.

Following the motto “From the laboratory to everyday life and treatment”, the professorship pursues a translational research agenda with the vision of understanding the processes and mechanisms of the development and treatment of mental disorders, optimizing existing treatments, and generating new, individual treatments. To this end, we combine a variety of methods in a translational sense, from laboratory-based learning and decision-making paradigms to smartphone-based everyday assessments to outcome- and process-based psychotherapy trials. You can find more about our research under the Research heading. Current publications of the professorship can be found in our publication overview.

In teaching, we cover various areas of psychology. This includes seminars and lectures in the field of clinical psychology and psychotherapy, general psychology (training in experimental work) and, in the long-run, courses in psychology for teachers. The professorship continuously offers topics for Bachelor and Master theses. You can find more information about studying and teaching in the portal Study and Teaching.


Insights into the decision process when avoiding Pavlovian fear stimuli conflicts with gaining rewards looking at temporal impact of threat and reward information. Juliane´s first first-author paper was recently accepted in Scientific Reports. The open access version is available at: